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No I'm not leaving, despite my long bout of inactivity and frequent considerations of it.  What I'm saying now is that I'm going to move beyond dwelling on all the problems and friends I've lost over the past year or so.  I know I fucked up on quite a few occasions and I may not be the most reasonable person during stressful times and rubbing the people the wrong way, but now I realize I'm not going to sit on it and think about them all the time.  I figured that it had even been the cause of of my issues with people here to begin with. 

I'm going on to think about what's in front of me and the kind people who have been supportive or at least tried to be during this time and I could not express how much I appreciate it and how much you guys mean to me.  I cannot thank you enough for it and I wish I could repay the kindness and company that I have taken for granted.  I hope we can talk and do more in the future and maybe things may brighten up. 

All that being said, I will try to draw again but I'm not taking any requests, commissions, or anything like that.  I still prefer to draw for myself at least until I'm confident enough in my skills to draw for other people and do them justice.  My drawing abilities have waned from the lack of practice and I need to get back at it.   I expect I may throw a few pencil drawings out there at least before I leave home to visit family next week.  

I've also had questions about the Okami fanfic I used to work on: Wolf of Aegis VII.  Unfortunately, that story is on hiatus.  Again.  I hope to finish it one day but I just don't like how it was going.  I may do a rewrite or just force myself through it but I can't say for sure.  I'm quite surprised that people even liked that story.  

And that's it, I think.  Again, thank you all for the support and well, everything. :hug:
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  • Listening to: Epic music
  • Reading: Temeraire
  • Watching: Interstellar
  • Playing: Kerbal Space Program
  • Drinking: Virgin blood. >:3
I think it's safe to say that I am no longer able to write or draw anything.  I don't know if it's a lack of inspiration or what but I have no luck in any attempt to try and rekindle that fire so to speak.  Also, my emotional and mental state may be starting to deteriorate from the constant real life issues I'm dealing with. One moment I am happy and otherwise good, and then at the next moment I get all angry at practically nothing.  I don't know what this is or why. There may even come a time when I may even have to see a therapist or something, as hesitant as I am about it. 

Honestly, there are a few times lately where I've thought about just deactivating this account and wait until everything is all right again. 
  • Mood: Depressed
Legit First Name: [DATA REDACTED]

Middle Name:

I have none.

Northern Virginia.  Not going any more detailed that.


5' 10"

Zodiac Sign:
CapricornNot like I put any significance on to it.

Any pets?: A two year old Senegal Parrot.

Favorite thing about yourself: ...

Worst Habit: Saying or doing the wrong thing without knowing it.  And expressing my emotions at the wrong time in the wrong way.  Basically doing wrong things in general.

Fun Fact: There is none.

Identity, Sexuality, & Personality

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Asexual.

Relationship Status: Single, and intending to stay that way for the time being.


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl":
Hard to say, though as of late I have been something of both.  Yay, insomnia..

Bath or Shower: Shower.

First thought in the morning: It's too early.

Last thought before falling asleep at night: It varies.


Do you work or are you a student:  Work.

What do you do well:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: I try not to think about it.

Habits(Do you?)

Drink: Admittedly yes, though I am being careful with it.

Smoke: I do not, though the thought has come to my mind every now and then...

Do Drugs:  None.

Exercise: I run around the neighborhood a lot and occasionally ride bicycle.

Have a go to comfort food: None.

Have a nervous habit: None that I can think of. 

What is your favorite...?

Physical quality(in yourself): ... I can't answer that.

In others: I try not to care about what other people look like.  Their character is more important to me than appearances.

Mental/Emotional quality(in yourself): I cannot say at this point, nor do I feel in the mood to do so.  Though I can tell what my least favorite qualities are if you want.

Food: I do not know.

Drink: I do not know.

Animal: All of them. 

Artist/Band/Group: I have no favorites, though I am keen on movie/game soundtracks. 

Author: I can write down a list.

TV Show: I do not watch TV, though NCIS was a big favorite of mine before I stopped.

Actor/Actress: I don't give a damn about celebrities. 

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Just an average young man with an interest in science and the arts. I am somewhat of a strange and possibly a little crazy individual who likes mustelids, wolves, space, and creating things that could never exist. :meow:

Yes, I am an Okami fan. Go Ammy! :iconammyplz:

I also do roleplays though I am trying to slow down on them a bit. If you wish to do so, contact me through notes. Most of my roleplays vary but they are generally fantasy or sci-fi themed involving my main OC character. Note that I have little to no interest in sexual roleplays. It's just simply not something I'm into.

Currently, I am still deciding on whether or not I should do commissions, trades, collabs, etc. so I will not accept any requests at this time.

Here be Stamps!
Okami-Stamp by Dinoclaws OP_Amaterasu Stamp by Stamp221 Astronomy Stamp by ObsidianJackal Support the Earth Stamp by luneves Temmy stamp by Leelian Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I love American Martens by WishmasterAlchemist I love Silver Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Black Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist I love Arctic Wolves by WishmasterAlchemist I love Cheetahs by WishmasterAlchemist Carl Sagan by kyphoscoliosis firefox by urbanAR7 'science' stamp by streamline69 CROSSOVER WRITER STAMP by coraza-de-acero Edit Undo Stamp by HappyStamp OP_Chibiterasu Stamp by Stamp221 Stamp by Kataang-furuba Think before comment stamp by HappyStamp Background Music by Skylark-93 Red vs Blue stamp by HappyStamp Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 wolf stamp by war-armor Dragon Brothers Stamp by Garetiem Halo stamp by Ghostwalker2061 .Stamp. A Million Stamps by KillMePleaseGod Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie ships with lasers stamp by OmegaDreamSeeker11 Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyena Anti-religion prejudice stamp by StampWhore
This may be subject to change as time goes on

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